Hello there! Welcome to LiveBreatheCreateMusic.com, where everything here is related to just ONE major theme, MUSIC! ​Anywhere from a brand new ​Musical ​Instrument​, to ​Music Note Shaped Bookshelves! ​From Sound Proofing​, to ​Pick Holders! Recording Equipment, to Pillow Cases! All this while learning about it at the same time! ​Everything here is all about music. ​Whether you play an instrument or not, I guarantee you’ll find something here that you’ll love! So go ahead and check it out!


I want to inspire more and more people to play, be a part of, experience and Love music as much as possible. I also want to try and make it the easiest, quickest, and most fun way as well..

So if you ever need a hand, or have any questions about anything, feel free to send me a message and I will be more than happy to help out in any way I can. JerrickS@livebreathecreatemusic.com

All the best and Keep Rockin!

Jerrick (J-Rock) S.

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