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Jerrick here. When I was around 10 years old, I saw that my older brother was learning how to play a guitar. The very first time I sat down and listened to him play a full song all the way through, I was captivated by it. I felt something down in my core that said I absolutely had to learn and experience the world of music.

Well, that was over 20 years ago and, you guessed it, I did and never stopped to this day. Music is not just a “hobby” to me, it’s so much more. It’s my main passion in life. I love it so much, that I learned how to play Guitar (Acoustic and Electric), Drums, Bass, Piano, Banjo, Ukulele, and sing. (all self-taught too)

That being said, I did have one MAJOR set back when I was 17, a horrendous car wreck (I wasn’t even driving) I was in the back seat of an old Bronco. Basically the Bronco hit a dirt embankment on a dirt road that cause the vehicle to flip over and roll 3 1/2 times; ejecting all 5 of us involved. My injuries were the worst, which included:

  • Back of skull crushed in
  • Tons of Road Rash
  • Shattered Right Scapula
  • Right Clavicle broken in half
  • Right Arm almost completely ripped off – and yes, I am a Righty (don’t worry, they sewed it back on). All of that resulted in me being in ICU for quite some time; Loss of Right Deltoid and feeling on that side; 3 Titanium Plates bolted into my arm; Non-Stop Headache; and a couple of YEARS of Intense Physical Therapy just to be able to move my arm.

Talk about devastation at that age. My music came to a screeching halt. I literally couldn’t even lift up my guitar, let alone play it. It was like that for a couple of years! Until one day, I mustered up enough strength to pick up my guitar and play just 1 chord (I think it was an “A”). As soon as I did that, the tears just started pouring out and that same feeling I experienced all those years ago, came back!

That’s when I realized how hard I was going to have to work and push on through everything to be able to play, create, and build musical related things once again. SO I DID!!! 🙂

An Art Piece I created and read every single day


Like I said, I am self-taught with everything I play and do, which is great, but with no books, no tutorials, and not being able to afford lessons, (heck, I barely had a Tuner), it was a long process to be able to get decent at playing.

What I’m saying is, I don’t want you to have to learn the hard way that takes forever to progress like I did. There are so many things out there that can help you to improve easier, faster, or just to have fun.

And if you don’t to play, that’s perfectly fine. There’re  all kinds of other things you can check out here that are pretty cool!



That’s simple; I want to inspire more and more people to play, be a part of, experience and Love music as much as possible. 

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to send me a message or leave them in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to help out any way that I can.

and as always, Keep Rockin!

Jerrick S.


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