An Amplifier, or Amp, is an indispensable part of any audio system. The seemingly mysterious black box is an electronic device that can increase the low-power of a weak audio signal from a source (mobile device, turntable, CD/DVD/media player, guitar pickup, etc.) to a level that is high enough to drive loudspeakers or headphones. Simply put, an amp creates an enlarged replica of the same smaller signal from these sources. Amplifiers are used in most sound systems such as in home stereo systems, public address systems, and sound reinforcement systems for concerts.

With amplification, the input signal from sources such as in an electric guitar or a drum mic, which may be just a few hundred microwatts can be boosted to produce outputs up to tens of thousands of watts. Such is the case with large rock music concerts. A fantastic device, indeed.

The following are the most important factors in choosing an amplifier:

INTERFACES – What is the source of your input signal? How loud do you need the sound to be? There are amps appropriate for the specific applications you have in mind.

POWER – The power of an amp (expressed in watts), dictates how loud and distortion-free the sound will be.

AMP-SPEAKER POWER MATCH – It is best to match your amp with a speaker that has at least 50% more power for the best sound quality and more efficient speakers.

IMPEDANCE – The amp’s impedance or resistance (expressed in ohms) must also match with that of your speaker.

For the valuable tasks they perform, most amps are very pricey. But we have in our store the best value speakers, some up to 20 watts for less than $100! We also have a large array of amps of all capabilities and attributes you may desire.

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