Best Guitar Gear For Beginners – What You Will Need To Get Started

Alright, we all know that being able to play the guitar well is an awesome thing. It has the ability to move mountains (so to speak). We’ve all heard these insanely awesome musicians out there that can rip and shred <–(guitar term for playing awesomely) on the guitar like nobodies business. However, not one person has ever been born and just “magically” started to play the guitar better than most people I know. It doesn’t happen, sorry. Remember, these famous musicians were also beginners at one time. Everybody that is wanting to learn to play has to start somewhere.

Now, I know that everyone learns and excels in many different ways. This is due to lots and lots of factors that I cannot list because my fingers would probably fall off due to having to write them all out. Anyways, you might be asking yourself, “Since everyone is different, does that mean that if someone is learning to play a certain genre of music, they are going to need completely different gear from someone who is learning an entirely different genre?” The answer is, in the beginning, Not Really.

You see, even when someone is starting out and they want to play, lets just say, Country music, and another person is wanting to just play Metal, the key things would still be pretty much the same. One of the only differences would be if you are learning on an Acoustic Guitar or an Electric Guitar.


For an Acoustic you will need:
  • An Acoustic Guitar (obviously)
  • Medium to Light strings on it – Makes it easier on your fingers when starting out
  • A Tuner (see tuners)
  • A Guitar Strap (optional)
  • and some Guitar Picks – They range from Thin/Lights ones to Thick/Heavy. Medium Picks are probably your best bet for starting out


For an Electric, you will need:
  • An Electric Guitar (again, obviously)
  • Also Medium to Light Strings
  • A Tuner (again, see tuners)
  • A Guitar Strap (again, optional, but I would recommend it)
  • Some Medium to Light Guitar Picks
  • Guitar Chord (1/4″ thick) – To plug your Guitar into an Amp
  • and of course, the Amp – I would recommend getting a smaller, or “Practice” amp when first starting out, you can always upgrade to a “Beast Of An Amp” later.

You see, both require the Instrument, Strings, Guitar Picks, and a Tuner if you’d like. Not much more to it than that! (when starting out) So anywho, if/when you decide you want to start learning this amazing skill, do not go out and buy the fanciest guitar and/or package you see! If you have more money than you know what to do with, fine, sadly that isn’t the case for all of us. The reason I say that, is because if you are just starting out and end up spending all your hard earned money on an awesome setup, and then for some reason decide that you don’t want to do it anymore, you’re out a lot of $$$. We all want the biggest, fanciest, and awesome setup there is (I know I do), but trust me, wait until you have progressed a bit, know what direction you want to go with it, and know that this is something you want in your life and definitely want to continue to pursue before you start “upgrading” your equipment.


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