Here you are going to find a lot of really neat gadgets/things you can use with/for your Music World! Every single item listed here, is hand-picked by me.


The reason why I wanted to make this particular page that is full of awesome things, is because…well, there are a lot of really cool gadgets out there that are specifically made for Music! Also, each one of them will make specific things you do in music, much easier to do, and sound way better. I don’t want to keep these cool things secret and in the dark. I want others out there to discover, and fall in love with them, like I did!


That’s easy! Because I have personally used (and own a few of) them and fell in love with each and every one. So go on and check them all out, I guarantee that you will find one that you must have!



What if I told you that there was a Tuner out there that could tune your guitar any way you’d like just by holding it on your Tuning Peg and plucking the string it’s on once or twice with little to no effort? Sounds pretty awesome right? Well, I’ve got some good news for you!

Introducing the ROADIE TUNER!

Original Automatic Guitar Tuner THE ORIGINAL ROADIE

Standalone Automatic Guitar Tuner ROADIE 2

Standalone Automatic Bass Tuner                ROADIE BASS


This is, Hands-Down, the absolute best tuner I have ever used in my life! It is what you would call an “Automatic Guitar Tuner.” (The Roadie 2 is my personal favorite) It is a little rectangular box with a dial on one side and a slotted one on the other. It also has a little LED screen that you can scroll through to pick; What Instrument you would like to tune, whatever kind of tuning you would like, it can wind your strings for you (if you are restringing your instrument), and you can download other Tuning Types that might not already be installed, right into it!


This thing will tune your instrument Perfectly

Now, when I say perfect, I mean perfect! This device can tune your guitar better than the human ear ever could. I think every musician out there should have one! So click on one of the pictures above to check them out even further!

They Are Awesome!


Pre-Order Your Jamstack - Jamstack

Pre-Order Your Jamstack - Jamstack

The Jamstack is the world’s FIRST Attachable Guitar Amplifier!
With this baby, you can jam anywhere, with any effect in seconds with its lightweight, beautiful design, and professional sound. Save $50 off the retail price of $249. This also includes the phone mount, and all the cables you need to get rocking.

Have an Acoustic Guitar?
Love playing it?
Wish you could make/play a multitude of different and awesome sounds with it and without the need of an electrical outlet?
Well you are in luck my friend!
Introducing the:

~ ToneWoodAmp ~

This device is by far, hands down, absolutely coolest thing that has ever been made for an Acoustic Guitar PERIOD!

~ Amplugs ~

What are these small contraptions?
AMPlugs, also known as Headphone Guitar Amps, are basically little devises that resemble the real effects of an Amplifier but are not as big as they are. These little guys have a port for your headphones, and the device itself plugs right into your guitar and is ready to rock as soon as it is turned on.

    METAL $39.99

    AC30 $44.99


    LEAD $44.99

    CLEAN $44.99



CLASSIC ROCK    $44.99

    BLUES $39.99




Do you use a Capo regularly? Rarely? or just whenever?
Whatever your answer is, this is no “ordinary” Capo. This thing is pretty awesome and useful.


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