These beauties are unstoppable! Now, there are many different kinds of electric guitars out there, with many different styles and features. However, they all do have these same components:

  • Body, Neck and Head of the guitar – These 3 pretty much make up the whole guitar.
  • Strings – With guitars, the majority of them have 6 Strings that basically generate whatever it is you are playing. Other styles of guitars can have anywhere from 7 to 12+ Strings. (Depending on how many tuning pegs you have)
  • Tuning Pegs – The top of the Strings are attached to these guys (Located on the Head) and allow you to tune your guitar.
  • Bridge – Bar/Fixture located on the Body of the guitar. This holds the other end of your strings to keep them intact and is adjustable as well. It also allows you to screw a Whammy Bar into it (If your have a Bridge that will let you).
  • Pickups – Also located on the base of the guitar, but above the Bridge and underneath the strings. These puppies basically “Pick-Up” the sounds you are making (playing) and sending them to be played out of the Amplifier.
  • Knobs and Switches – Also located on the Body. These control a few things; your Volume of your Pickups, Tone, Turn a Pickup On/Off, and over all Volume your guitar is putting out.
  • 1/4″ Output Jack – Usually located at the very bottom of the body. It’s basically a 1/4″ Port for a 1/4″ guitar chord to go into, which is also attached to an Amp or External source, that will take every sound you are making and transfer it to your amp or whatever to be played out of.

The main differences between Electrics, would be:

  • Brand of the Guitar and/or Pickups
  • Number of Strings it can hold
  • More/Less Knobs and Switches
  • Type of Bridge
  • and of course, The Look and Shape

Like I said, there are SO many different guitars out there for so many different things. There really is no limit to what you can do with one, given that there are SO many different ways you can configure one up. I have a few different ones myself and all of them play beautifully and serve a purpose.



Jerry Horton Signature Solo Schecter Diamond Series Electric Guitar

~ My Baby ~
Jerry Horton Signature Solo-6 Diamond Series Schecter