Adjustable Guitar Capo With Pick Holder Slot & Nail/Peg Lifter


Guitar Capo/Pick Holder Slot Combination

VERY Handy!!

Available In:  Black  –  Silver 

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  • Made of: Zinc Alloy Die Casting – Premium Capo for Acoustic, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Banjo & Mandolin
  • Easy To MoveExcellent Grip No Fret Buzz and/or harm to guitar neck
  • Flexible and ConvenientScrew Adjustable Pressure CapoEasy to Use
  • Card Slot – Easy to keep and get your guitar picks
  • Nail/Peg Lifter – Convenient for Pulling & Taking Out Peg Strings
  • ,Package Includes: 1 x Guitar Capo  –  1x Leather Carry Pouch  –  1x Pick
  • Available In:  Black  –  Silver 

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