BBQ Rock Guitar Tongs


Make your BBQ awesome with these Guitar Shaped Tongs

Multiple Uses

Play air guitar while you grill!

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  • PARTY ANIMAL: Rock the summer BBQ circuit with these Guitar-Shaped Tongs that make cooking chicken or steak even more fun.
  • COOK AND PERFORM: Express yourself as you barbeque with these terrific tongs that will make you the life of the party, tailgate or other event.
  • PERFECT PARTY GIFT: Give the men in your life these musical tongs and watch them perform at parties all summer long.
  • BBQ FUN: Use these tongs for Memorial Day, Father’s Day or Fourth of July — or just about anytime you want to be a BBQ rock star! 
  • TAILGATE TONGS: These rock guitar tongs make cooking fun for the musician who wants to be the life of the party.
  • PARTY ON: Give the steak more sizzle with these clever tongs that keep it from getting burnt while creating conversation.
  • SUMMER SONG: These clever tools will encourage you to sing while you BBQ and make you a rock star while you make the steak.

SIDE EFFECTS: May include spontaneous air guitar solos and breaking into song. 

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