DONNER Wall Guitar Mount With Aouto Lock Hanger – 3 Pack


Auto Locking Wall Mounted Guitar Hanger

Keep Your Music Instrument Safe & Unharmed

3 Hangers

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  • Auto Lock – Lock your guitar Automatically when putting guitar neck on the arm to prevent the guitar from falling – Automatically releases when lifting your guitar 
  • Easy Installation – Simply screws into wall to hang anywhere – Load Capacity is 1 to 10 KG
  • Space Saving – Hang your Instrument on the wall to be easily accessible and out of the way 
  • Durable Material – EVA Cushion & Padded Arm protects your Musical Instruments.
  • Great for a Variety of String Instruments – Acoustic, Classic, Electric Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin and so on
  • Also Available – Just 1 Hanger ($7.99)

NOTE: Prices may vary


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