Flanger FMT-209 3 In 1 Clip-On Tuner


Easy, Fast & Accurate

Large LED Screen

3 In 1 Design

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  • 3 In 1 Design: Tuner, Metronome and Tone Generator. Compact design and three functions design saves money and space.
  • EASY TO READ: The largest and unique colorful LCD display is not reflective, so that it ensures easy viewing under any condition. The large color display allows you to easily see if you’re flat, sharp, or dead-on from any angle. With 3 points of adjustment, you can position the screen in any way you like. The anti-slip clip is rotatable for 360 degree, you can adjust the perfect viewing angle as you wish, it will clip onto the instrument stably. Easy to access all Functions on the Front Panel.
  • EASY TO USE: Turn it on, clip it on, and you’re ready to tune. Since the tuner detects the pitches directly from your instruments’ vibrations, ambient room noise will never get in the way.
  • FAST & ACCURATE: It will give you sensitive and accurate tuning for wide range types of musical instruments: acoustic guitar, electrical guitar, bass, violin, trumpet and many more. Spend more time playing, and less time tuning!

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