Monster Grips – The Ultimate Grip for Guitar Picks!


Tired of dropping your Guitar Picks?

These will prevent that!

Grips for you Picks!

No More Slippage!

No More Dropping!

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  • Super Grippy Non-StickyUltra ThinStays Clean!
  • Prevents Pick Drops, Slips, or Re-adjustments while playing
  • Made of: High Quality, Durable, & Skin-soft Silicone!
  • Guaranteed to improve your playing experience!
  • Perfect for: Guitar Picks, Drumsticks, Effects Pedals & Equipment, Microphones, Brass & Woodwind Instruments, Studio Monitors, Electronics, and More!
  • Monster Grips are a revolutionary guitar pick grip that is super grippy, non-sticky, and stays clean. Surprisingly durable, yet ultra-thin, it is extremely comfortable and is certain to enhance your playing experience. Monster Grips amazing properties allow you to hold the pick even more lightly, producing even better articulation, while reducing fatigue. Check out the fantastic 5 star reviews on our website!

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