Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Mic + USB & Lightning Cable


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  • The Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Mic on Display


  • Apple MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) Certified for direct connection to any iOS device without the need for any additional adapters or connection kits
  • 3 DSP Preset Modes (Vocals, Flat, Instrument)
  • Automatically applies Gain, EQ, Compression and Limiting for optimal results
  • Built-in Headphone output for real-time monitoring
  • Custom-Tuned Microphone capsule provides best-in-class audio
  • Dimensions: 2.5 inches (7 cm) tall, 5.5 inches (14 cm) tall on included desktop stand
  • Comes with: (1) Anodized Aluminum Desktop Stand with integrated thread mount compatible with any standard 1/4″ camera tripod thread, (1) MicroB-to-USB Cable and (1) MicroB-to-Lightning Cable
  • Available in: Gray with Black Foam (this one) – Black with Red FoamMobile Recording Kit

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