The JP Guitar Multi-Tool

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Awesome ANY Guitar Multi-Tool!

Perfect for Changing Strings & Maintenance

VERY Popular With Luthiers!

Affordable & Useful!

Changing strings and adjusting the action of your guitar just got easier. The JP Guitar Tool is an all-purpose tool for use with acoustic or electric guitars and bass guitars.

The JP Guitar Tool is built to last. The handle and housing for the tools is made with stainless steel that won’t rust or dull over time. The screwdrivers and Allen wrenches are hardened steel so they won’t strip out nor rust either. The Allen wrenches are compatible with most popular brands of guitars including Floyd Rose™.

The string cuter is carbide steel and is so tough you can even cut bass guitar strings with it. It never needs sharpening. Carbide steel is the hardest steel and also the hardest man-made material, harder than stainless steel and titanium.
See and feel the quality of the JP Guitar Tool for yourself. The tailor made grip makes the tool easy to use in your hand. There’s a bridge pin puller for changing acoustic guitar strings that tucks inconspicuously into the handles. Included is a tough, durable nylon sheath, with a belt loop.

This is not a “Use once and throw out tool”. It is the genuine article. The player will use this tool for life. Perfect for a quick string change and guitar setup, this is the best guitar tool on the market.


Spring-action Pliers & Cutters that cut guitar and bass strings every time
Carbide steel cutting blade is the strongest blade available – capable of industrial level work
Tailor Made Grip for easy use
Stainless Steel Housing
• Professional quality Hardened Steel Hex/Allen Wrenches (0.050”, 1.5mm.., 2.5mm., 3 mm., hex)
Philips & Flathead Screw Drivers made of hardened steel that won’t rust or strip
Bridge Pin Puller for Acoustic Guitar String Changes
• Compatible with Floyd Rose™
Protective Nylon Sheath Case with Belt Loop

Package Includes: 1 Guitar Multi-Tool

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