The String Butler Guitar Tuning Improvement Device – V3 Models

Greatly Improves Tuning Stability

Extremely Durable

Looks Awesome!

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  • Purpose – Addresses frustrating tuning issues found on many guitars with a 3 + 3 headstock configuration 
  • How – Attaches to the head of your guitar and Corrects the Angle of the Strings as they pass through the nut 
  • The Rollers used on this insure low friction as the strings are rerouted to the tuning machine heads
  • This guitar mod Greatly Improves the Tuning Stability of your guitar and looks fantastic! 
  • Extremely DurableAll MetalChrome Plated
  • Designed & Assembled in Germany
  • Available In –  Black Chrome  –  Gold Chrome  –  Silver Chrome  –  Clear Acrylic  –  Lux  –  Stealth
  • V3 Black Chrome

*Note – Prices may vary



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