ToneGear SC-G The String Cleaner


Very Useful

Make Your Strings Live Longer

Simple, Yet a Genius Invention!

Your Strings Will Love You

EXTENDS THE LIFE AND PRESERVES THE TONE OF GUITAR STRINGS – Strings lose their strength and tone due to oxidation and rust from the sweat, oils, and dead skin left behind from you fingers. The String Cleaner removes these harmful substances.

• REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN ALLOWS FOR AN UNPRECEDENTED 360 DEGREES CLEANING OF STRINGS – No other device on the market cleans all sides of the strings particularly the bottoms where 95% of all debris collects.

• CLEANABLE MICROFIBER PADS FOR LONG TERM LOW MAINTENANCE USE – The String Cleaner is NOT a disposable item. Simply run the pads under warm water with a drop of liquid soap (any brand) and gently massage the dirt out with your fingers. Then make sure The String Cleaner has fully dried before using again.

• THERE IS NO SOLUTION NECESSARY – The micro-fiber is comprised of thousands of little loops, each of which has sections of plastic followed by sections of extremely porous cloth. The Plastic sections scrape and remove all the dirt, oils, and debris and the porous sections absorb them.

• NO POSSIBILITY OF DAMAGE TO THE FRETS – The String Cleaner is designed with fret ramps and so therefore there is no lateral pressure to the frets of any kind.

• PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Cleaning Tool

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