The Antarctica Portable Retractable Stool – Full Review

The Black Version of The Antarctica Portable Retractable Stool

Product: The Antarctica Portable Retractable Stool
Price: $41.00
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Pros: Simple, Convenient, Durable
My Rating: 9 out of 10


Are you looking to enjoy your time while camping with some great food? Or need and extra seat when your buddies come over to jam? Then you need The Antarctica Portable & Retractable Stool. It’s basically a small “disc” that transforms into a stool that definitely stands out of the crowd since it offers a very good, impressive set of features while still being retractable and foldable. It does a very good job at bringing in a unique foldable design and amazing versatility in a single package. It only weighs 2.7 pounds, so the product is extremely light and convenient. It’s one of those cool gadgets that you will want to use often!

Different Heights The Antarctica Portable Retractable Stool can be set at

Directions on how to set up and use The Antarctica Portable Retractable Stool


The unit comes with an adjustable height, which is perfect when you or your friends are chillin’ and playing music. The dedicated, unique locking clasp system makes it easy for you to adjust the height naturally. You can set it from 6 cm up to 47 cm. That means you can use it for kids and adults alike. The product is also very stable, you don’t have to worry about toppling or anything like that. Instead, you have a load capacity of up to 350 pounds. Since the body of the stool is made from 120 strong segments, they all blend together to create a very flexible and powerful basis.

It’s very important to sit right in the middle, not at the edge of the seat, nor should you tilt it. Once you use it, you will like the fact that it’s so dependable and it still works without a problem whenever you want it to. Plus, it’s a wear-resistant product, so even if you fold it thousands of times, it will still work the way you want without any worries. This is also a great portable stool for fishing or just about any outdoor activities that involve sitting. That really makes it one of the best investments if you want a product that’s reliable and powerful at the same time. Just try to use that to your own advantage and the results themselves can be among some of the best no matter the situation.

Great to use when Fishing


So you know, the maintenance requirements are minimal. The product is a pleasure to use, and you don’t have to worry about maintaining it in any way. It will work great, you can modify and optimize it, and the results can be staggering every time. Plus, there are 4 colors to choose from, and you can always take it with you even in those long camping trips or exciting adventures. Just consider giving it a try today! You won’t be disappointed!