The Soundbrenner Core – A Review of the #1 Watch for Musicians

The Soundbrenner Core 4-in-1 Wearable Music Tool Itself

Product: Soundbrenner Core – 4in1 Music Tool
Price: $229.00
Cheapest Place To Buy:
Pros: Easy to Use, Convenient, Professional
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


The Soundbrenner Core is one of the nicest music gadgets that you can use right now on the market, and it’s basically A Watch Created for Musicians. It acts as a Vibrating Metronome, Decibel Meter, Magnetic Tuner, and a simple Watch in a single package. What it does is it helps make a combination of wearable tech and professional music tools.
And what you get is amazing and exciting all the time. It simply has all the features that you need within a watch, and you can easily practice at home or at work without a problem. The unit is designed to offer you the versatility that a musician needs while also bringing in a sense of value and professionalism all the time. It certainly conveys the sense of value that you want, and the outcome itself can be staggering all the time due to that.

The Soundbrenner Core 4-in-1 Wearable Music Tool being worn on a Musician's Thigh
Wear it on your Wrist, Leg, Anywhere you Want
Showing the Tuning capabilities on The Soundbrenner Core 4-in-1 Wearable Music Tool
Simple To Use


Each one of the dedicated tools here is very well done.
The Vibrating Metronome – Has 5x multi-player metronome sync, vibrations that are 7 times stronger than a smartwatch and DAW integration. It can also back the track sync and it comes with daily rhythm exercises and a MIDI controller.

The Magnetic Twist Tuner – Helps you get in tune anywhere and at any given time. You can tune any instrument you want, it can be attached and twisted the way you want. It also has visual tuning guidance and a tuner mount.

If you want to use the product as a Decibel Meter, it can give you a real time decibel insight. It can also be a noise alarm, and it gives you active listening too.

Plus, it doubles down as a Watch (since it shows the date and time). It has push notifications, a timer and a stopwatch.

Showing the variable sound levels you can do with The Soundbrenner Core 4-in-1 Wearable Music Tool
Showing the Customization for your Rhythm on The Soundbrenner Core 4-in-1 Wearable Music Tool

With the Soundbrenner Core you get the best gear for guitarists while also being able to enjoy your time and accessing some basic smartwatch functions right on your wrist. It’s a really interesting, powerful and exciting concept to use, one that you will like quite a bit. All you have to do is to test it out, give it a try and we guarantee that you will have a very good experience.

All of the Contents of The Soundbrenner Core 4-in-1 Wearable Music Tool
– Contents of Package –


The Soundbrenner Core is very durable, it has interchangeable watch straps and on-device controls to make controlling it a breeze. I also wanted to point out that the only reason I gave it a 9.5/10 score, is because the price is a little steep, but if you’re a musician and need music-related features from a smartwatch, this is the ULTIMATE SOLUTION!

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