Tuners, tuners. tuners! (sounds funny when you say it over and over) Anywho, down to business. We all want our musical instruments to play and sound great, correct? Well, the best thing for that is to make sure it is in tune. That’s where these puppies come in!

What a Tuner basically is and does, is basically what it is called – It makes it so you can tune your instrument correctly. How? The vast majority of Tuners have a “Gauge” on them and it clips onto your guitar, bass, whatever. So when you pluck a string you are trying to get into tune, it will show you the note you’re in and tell you if you need to tighten (go higher) or loosen (go lower) that string. Once it shows that you don’t need to do either, and it’s in the note you want, move on to the next string. After all of them are to your liking, your done! It’s In Tune!

Moving forward. There are hundreds of different Tuners out there with hundreds of different styles. and for the most part, they all do their job pretty well.  Now, there are some of us out there that can tune an instrument great without a tool, but the majority of us cannot. Over the years I have personally owned, Clip-On Tuners, Chromatic Tuners, Tuner that is built into my Amp, even a Tuner on my phone. And like I said, they all work fairly well. But! The absolute best one I have ever used, hands down, would be the Roadie 2. It is what you would call an “Automatic Guitar Tuner.” It is a little rectangular box with a dial on one side and a slotted one on the other. It also has a little LED screen that you can scroll through to pick What Instrument you would like to tune, What kind of Tuning you want, and you can download other Tuning Types right into it that are not already on it. Basically, after you have picked your selections, you put the slotted end on the Tuning-Peg that goes to the string you are wanting to tune, pluck that sting, and it will automatically spin that Peg until it is perfectly in tune! Its Awesome!


The reason I haven’t own one of those in the past was because of 2 reasons; 1) They didn’t exist all those years ago, and 2) I was super broke.