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Hello there! Welcome to, where everything revolves around just ONE major theme, MUSIC! I have compiled many of the coolest products and gizmos from many different sites and put them here in one place! It will save you the hassle of browsing around everywhere, looking for that one awesome thing you desire! ​Anywhere from a brand new ​Musical ​Instrument​, to ​Music Note Cupcake Toppers! ​From Sound Proofing​, to ​Blankets! Tuners, to Pillow Cases! (You get the picture) All this while learning at the same time! ​Everything here is all about music. ​Whether you play an instrument, like music décor, or just love music in general, I guarantee you’ll find something here that you’ll love! So go ahead and check it out, there’s something for everybody!

Also, NEW CONTENT is added here DAILY! so keep coming back to check out what new things we have in store for you!



For those of you who that have visited this place before (or if this is your 1st visit, WELCOME!), you know that I am consistently adding new things, having things run more smoothly, and am basically trying to better everything that I can (as I mention above). So on that note (music humor), I feel I should mention what I have been recently working on.

  • I have added to and improved the Cool Gadgets section
  • Added several Full Product Reviews (mainly for the Cool Gadgets products)
  • Added more products to the Capo section
  • But what I’ve mainly been focusing on recently, is the Amp Section.

I have been wanting to get in and build that section for quite some time now, but daily life has been SUPER BUSY so I haven’t had the time to do so. I’m not trying to make excuses, but there’s only 24 hours in a day and that just isn’t enough.

Anywho, back to the subject at hand, The Amp Section. I was super thrilled to finally get some spare time to start tackling it. Here’s what’s in store; Instead of just having a gigantic list of Amplifiers that take forever to scroll though, I am wanting to break it down into a few different sub-sections. That way, it will be much easier on you find the Amp, or at least the type of Amp, you are looking for. You know, Tube Amps, Combo Amps, Headers, etc… I have already made the big opening section and have began to work on the first sub-section, which is Amps Under $100! I felt that was a great starting point because hey, who doesn’t like seeing really cool Amplifiers that won’t break your bank?

It’s a big project, but I am determined to create a “Masterpiece” that will make it easier for you when you are looking for something in particular, and have it where there is something for everybody! Not just the Amp Section, but this ENTIRE place!

Thank you for visiting the site and for reading my little Update Spiel.
As always, Keep Rockin!

PS. The next major section that I’m going to attack is the Mic(microphone) section.



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