Ah yes, the age old question.
What type of guitar should I learn with/on?
An Electric OR An Acoustic?

I have been asked this question more times to the point where I couldn’t even begin to put a number on it.

Is it a good Question?
Is it an important Question?
Do I have an answer?
Not a simple one

You see, there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of different factors between Electrics and Acoustics. Both have their own pro’s and con’s when it comes to certain aspects in music. Style, Speed, Direction, Versatility, are just a few I could think of right off the top of my head. But when you’re just starting out, the list gets a bit shorter.
(Personally I believe learning on the Acoustic is the best route to go and I’ll tell you why in a minute.) 
Electrics are great for some things, where an Acoustic would be the exact opposite, and vice versa.

I do not speak for everybody out there, so to help you with your decision on the matter, I’ve compiled a little Pros and Cons list for starting out between Electric and Acoustic guitars. Hopefully it will give you at least a little insight with your decision making process.

  • Built Tougher and more Durable
  • Physically easier to play
  • Skinnier Neck (Fretboard)
  • Smaller gauged and softer strings – Easier on a beginner’s fingers
  • Amplifiers and Pickups produce all of your sound – so you barely have to touch a string to make a noise
  • Countless different effects you can play with
  • Amps usually have a headphone jack, so you can play without disturbing others
  • Cheaper – No need to buy an Amplifier or Chords
  • No need for Electricity – The power is in you and the guitar
  • No extra equipment to haul around
  • You can take it virtually anywhere you want without worrying about the two previous things listed
  • The sound is Pure
  • If you can play an Acoustic well, then you probably won’t have any problems being able to rock on an Electric Guitar
  • More expensive – due to the fact you also need to buy Chords and an Amplifier
  • Need an Electrical outlet/source to play
  • More stuff to haul around
  • Just because you can play an Electric, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to play an acoustic well
  • More Fragile
  • Physically harder to play
  • Neck tends to be thicker than that of an Electric Guitar
  • Strings usually have a bigger gauge and can be a little rough on a beginner’s fingers
  • Have to hold strings much tighter and play them harder in order for it to sound well

There you have it folks, my pros and cons between the two. Both types are absolutely amazing. I love all guitars! It doesn’t matter what type, brand, or style – every single one of them has their own unique qualities and sounds. And before I forget, why I believe someone should start with an Acoustic Guitar, is because of a few key reasons:

  1. It takes a lot more skill and precision for it to sound good
  2. It strengthens your fingers and hands – which in turn gives you more endurance to play longer
  3. It’s easier on your wallet
  4. and one of the biggest reasons is one I mentioned in my list
    If you can play an Acoustic Guitar well, you shouldn’t have any problems being able to rock on an Electric

Yes I will agree that you can learn on an Electric quicker, but it is going to drive you nuts with frustration if you try to pick up an Acoustic and expect the same results. Learning to play either of them is no simple task. It takes hours and hours of practice and dedication, but the reward you’ll have from not quitting and persevering through it all will be astronomical!


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If you have any thoughts, questions, or comments on this material, feel free to put it in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading,
and as always, Keep Rockin!

Jerrick S.

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