Which Guitar Is Better To Learn On – Acoustic or Electric?

Ahh, another great question from the ages. I’ll try to make this short & sweet.

If you have ever been in the Teaching, Music Gathering, Party with Live Music, or Music Realm in general, this question is bound to be asked, at least once, 100% of the time. (At least in my world it has)

Which Guitar do you think would be better for me to start learning how to play the guitar on?
An Acoustic Guitar, or an Electric Guitar?

Once again, there are SOOO many factors that play a role in this decision making. Examples: What Type of music are you wanting to play? Are you wanting/willing to invest time and dedication to learn as much as you can so you can progress more and more over time, or do you just want to know a couple of chords so you can try and impress someone you may have a crush on? Do you have strong fingers? How’s your hand-eye coordination? etc…

These are all key factors, but, it’s pretty simple to break it down.

First off, I can tell you right now, from personal experience, and from about 98% of all the musicians I have ever met over the years, that Learning on the Acoustic Guitar is hands down the best way to go! This is because of a few reasons, and I’m just going to say it plain and simple, the Acoustic Guitar is harder to play than an Electric. You have zero “Special Effects”. No Amp. No Pedals. No Nothing. It’s just you and the guitar. In order for the music you are playing to sound good, you have to press down on the strings harder and accurately. If you don’t, well, the Acoustic is very unforgiving and if you do mess up at all, you will hear it instantly with a “twang” or just “unpleasant” sound. You need to be focused and relaxed at the same time.

After saying that, here is WHY those reasons are good. With the Acoustic being unforgiving, it forces you to make your accuracy better. It strengthens your finger and hand muscles. Increases “hand-eye” coordination. It makes you one with the guitar (so to speak). It is pure. Just you and the guitar with little to no room for errors/mistakes. As apposed to the Electric guitar, which has Pickups, An Amp, and Effects you can pretty much do anything with. You just need to barely touch a string for it to make some noise. Which in turn, allows more room to make mistakes that you probably wouldn’t even notice, keeps your hand and finger muscles from getting any stronger, and pretty much will have you practicing exercises that will hurt your performance in the long run.

If you are wanting to just learn a few chords here and there, (and have the money for it), an Electric Guitar will be right up your ally. It’s easier to play “simple” things, but remember; 1. You will need to not only buy the guitar, but also an Amp, Cords, and everything that goes with it; and 2. If you are really wanting to progress in the long haul, an Acoustic is probably going to be your best bet.

On that note (pun intended), there are some really great Bundle/Package deals out there that won’t destroy your wallet. Here’s a bunch of them you can get from Amazon right now! Just click on one of the links to check ’em out.

Acoustic Guitar Starter Packages

So there you have it. A short & sweet explanation on the matter. Remember though, all of this is just my personal opinion, and the opinion from A LOT of other musicians I have talked to. Electric guitars are absolutely amazing! The things you can do with them and make them sound, is pretty much endless. But if you are brand new and just starting out playing the guitar, buy an acoustic.

You can learn more on the subject by clicking ~HERE~ and reading the post. I give a more “in depth” explanation on the matter.

Thanks for reading,
and as always, Keep Rockin!

Jerrick S.

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